Mid Ohio vintage days

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2/26/2018 6:21 PM

I’ve hardly ever posted here, but I was wondering how many of you make the trek to what seems to be the Woodstock of motorcycles every year. Specifically the people racing vintage/post vintage mx


2/26/2018 7:09 PM

Last year was my first time at Mid Ohio. A couple of old race buddies and I decided to start racing vintage mx before it was too late. We all are in our late 50's and were AMA Pro's back in the '77- '82 era. We built our bikes and basically got them done a couple of weeks before the event. Rode maybe a half dozen times before we went,so we were not even close to being ready for our first gate drops in almost 40 years,but we had a blast !!! We are DEFINITELY going this year and don't plan on ever missing another one (pending being physically capable,lol).
There were 35,000 people there last year, and it seemed like it,lol. gigantic swapmeet, all forms of vintage racing,trials,road racing,hare scrambles,and of course Moto. This first year was definitely a learning experience,this year we will be far more ready. If you get the chance, go......you'll be glad you did