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2/13/2019 10:14 AM

We plan on buying tickets for the race in NJ but we’ve never been before so give me your opinion on some good seats ?smile


2/13/2019 10:22 AM


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

2/13/2019 11:22 AM

Buy in 313/314 but the 1st row


2/13/2019 1:50 PM

212-215 looks good to me. The lowest level is hard to see the whole track, fun to watch a few minutes of practice. My experience is the 200 or second level seats have been my favorite dead center


2/13/2019 2:34 PM

Just a heads up the Bud Light Gate side of the stadium might have issues with sunlight as this is a day race. I’ve always bought in the 233-243 sections and been very happy. Also there considered club sections so you get better food and bathroom options if you care about that.