Malcolm Smith to lead protest against CPSC lead law

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Vital MX member Justin314
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3/16/2009 6:08 PM

"A recent press release from Resource Marketing announced Malcolm Smith was taking action against the kids bike ban under the CPSIA, and that he will lead a protest at Malcolm Smith Motorsports on Thursday, March 19......."


Vital MX member DirtDgr
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3/16/2009 7:09 PM

This is awsome and I wish I could be there.

Pretty sad this is getting so few views!

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Vital MX member RiderDown
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3/16/2009 7:31 PM

Malcolm is the Man! I wish more folks would stand up and bitch about this BS!!


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3/16/2009 9:32 PM

Does it really start @ 6am???? Holy Shit! I dont get up until 9am....

I will go over with the 3 year old. I wish I had the cash right now to buy one because I would. I have a YZ85 in the garage and I have not had him chew on a single thing yet, but he does like to sit on it and say "mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm" (his imitation of a bike)

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