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3/3/2018 11:23 PM

something I found a little odd- During 450 main event 1, Jeff & Ralph mentioned that "According to the record book, Justin will be recorded as having a main event win"

But, during the third 450 main, Ralph mentioned that for Reed "tonight was his 229th main event start."

So which is it? With these triple headers are we looking at three main events or not?


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3/4/2018 1:47 AM

They said that Brayton won't be credited with a main event win.

For the triple crown races they call them main events but really they're just 3 seperate motos. Musquin even refered to them as motos in his podium interview.

Each main event/moto is scored using the Olympic point system. The rider with the lowest score after all 3 races are completed is credited with a main event win and 26 points going towards the championship, meaning 1 overall start. Chad Reed recorded his 229th main event start in the premier class and Davalos recorded his 90th start in the 250 class.

Now the question I have is what exactly are those "main event" wins scored as in the record books? Are they scored as heat wins or scored in a new category named triple crown main event wins? I'm guessing the latter but really have no clue. They have to be scored as something since during the broadcast they say stats all the time whether it's the number of main event starts or LCQ wins they always seem to have those stats on hand for the viewers.


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