Main Event Mookie?

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12/7/2018 3:12 AM

And Malcolm is a successful supercross rider, I’m looking forward to watching him race in 2019


12/7/2018 12:11 PM

NorCal 50+ wrote:

Why does he crash so much? Every time you look at the dude he's flying off the bike. He seems to have that "trying too hard" syndrome (Canard, Townley, etc.)

Well his last name is Stewart...

1.) Crazy fast
5.) Mach 5 whoop speed
3.) Highlight reel crashes


12/7/2018 3:26 PM

Mookie isn't going to win in 2019. He may indeed be better than last year, but going from 13th place average last season to winning this year is a leap even James couldn't make.


12/7/2018 5:01 PM

jeffro503 wrote:

I believe Malcolm will do better this year , barring any type of injury.

I don't see Mav bashing Malcolm at all here.....but instead , just posting facts. Some of you think that a guy that usually places around 12th - 17th , is all of a sudden going to " start winning main's ".

It's called being realistic , and having your head not stuck in the clouds. I hope Malcolm can go fight for some to 5 - 8th place finishes , as that would be great. But if anyone think's he'll be fighting for win's , you are either delirious or aren't giving the top guy's in that class their due respect.

Try thinking with your head.....not you heart.

brocster wrote:

What’s trying to be said is that in the limited last two years he put 12-15th kind of effort and got 12-15th results

This year he is putting in a better effort and could/should post better results (wins are a bit of a stretch but I can see a 3rd possibly)

Mookis is always fast through the whoops and for a bigger looking dude on the bike is deceivingly fast. (Generally speaking)

Funny how Webb’s name hasn’t surface in this thread as some sort of comparison...

-MAVERICK- wrote:

I brought up Webb's name in the 2 years in comparison list I did.

Malcolm Stewart
2017: 15 races, no podiums, best finish - 9th
2018: 16 races, no podiums, best finish - 6th

Cooper Webb
2017: 12 races, 1 podium
2018: 13 races, 1 podium

That said in terms of overall performance you're right. Webb hasn't performed to the level a lot of people expected him to but was still a top 10 guy.

Let's take a look at their average performance finish in each season and both seasons combined.

Malcolm Stewart
2017: 15 races with an average finish of 14.13
2018: 16 races with an average finish of 12.44
Combined: 31 races with an average finish of 13.26

Cooper Webb
2017: 12 races with an average finish of 10.08
2018: 13 races with an average finish of 9.15
Combined: 25 races with an average finish of 9.60

Now, since Malcolm did more races than Cooper in both seasons let's only take Malcolm's first 12 races of the 2017 season and first 13 races of the 2018 season for a more accurate comparison between the two.

Malcolm Stewart
2017: 12 races with an average finish of 14.33
2018: 13 races with an average finish of 12.69
Combined: 25 races with an average finish of 13.48

Malcolm finnished both seasons?



12/7/2018 6:10 PM

Hoping to see Malcolm have a good 2019 season, he's a talented rider for sure.