MXoN & Vegas Motorcycle Expo plan B

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9/30/2018 7:12 AM

Ever have a feeling you are not supposed to do something?

Took the box van to the ford dealer for an alignment before this MXoN vending and Vegas trade show. The dealer did the alignment and it was perfect but they suggested a bushing should be done and realigned for it to be perfect. Took it home and started getting it ready and had some alarm work done on Tuesday while they got the bushing. Took BV back Wednesday morning and after picking up a few minutes before 5 and service closing..... and well driving the 3/4 mile to my house I was terrified and thought to front right wheel was going to fall off! Well the wheel was installed without sliding it over the spindle and they warped the wheel and they can not get the wheel and yesterday while I stood there they could not get the alignment to work and will they had broken 3 adjustment parts where it turns.

I am PISSED that this has forced us to cancel MXoN vending and driving rig to Vegas.

Last night I had to Book 3 one way flights to get to MXoN, Vegas and back to Charlotte after the show.

As soon as I was home I popped the chrome cover off and lug nuts were not loose but notice the threads and rim not put on right. Oh and how do you like the steering wheel going straight?



9/30/2018 8:41 AM

I got a recall notice for a car that I own, I've had the car to the local dealer here before and there attention to detail sucks. Because the dealer is so shitty, I'm scared to have the recall work done because they will probably screw something else up!!


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