MXdN 2019 Congrats Belgium!

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9/28/2019 12:19 PM

I know it's qualifying, but still. Big congrats to the Belgium team!!!!


9/28/2019 12:54 PM



9/28/2019 1:20 PM

It’s practice man, PRACTICE!!!


9/28/2019 1:24 PM

The dude is rehearsing his speach for in the "unlikely" event Belgium wins this thing.


Non Gratum Anus Rodentum

9/28/2019 2:38 PM

Not bad for a “B” team......


“If you don’t crash alot, you just ain’t going fast enough” Chandler

9/28/2019 2:43 PM

They are a solid team going into tomorrow!


9/28/2019 2:46 PM

Great qualification. On this track, with this start, and with the potential rain tomorrow, it is really on track to make the podium.


9/28/2019 5:02 PM

Yep, they did good today.


I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train

9/29/2019 3:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/29/2019 3:24 AM

After seeing them yesterday, I think Belgium has a big chance of winning the trophy.
It will go between USA, the Netherlands and Belgium.

And remember Jeff Emig: "... at the end there's ALLWAYS Belgium! … " smile