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6/8/2018 11:31 AM

Afternoon all,

As my buddy and I have no review to discuss given the week off here in the US and High Point a week a away, we turned the subject to GP.

Neither of us have ever been other than to the Quasi GP in Charlotte a couple years ago. He had a couple of questions, wondering how the factories/riders get their bikes all around the world from week to week. I told him they break them down, crate them up, and air freight them to where they need to be in time. he then asked, what about the big factory truck riggs and the the parts on those trucks.

I know they don't ship their semis all around the world, but what DO they do?



6/8/2018 11:44 AM

Bikes go in crates, as does a lot of the work benches and anything that those bikes need. The bigger the team, the more freight they have. Smaller teams will occasionally fly with some stuff if needed but generally that doesn't happen too much.

As for the semis, they only go to the mainstream European rounds. So Russia they didn't go to. Turkey was going to be a tough decision, but then Bulgaria got stuck a weekend before it, so now they will. So really, the only rounds the semis won't be at this year are Argentina, Russia and the two in Indonesia.


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6/8/2018 5:31 PM

Ohhhhh HECK yeah. Thanks for the explanations and more importantly, the pics.

Very clear and thank you again.



6/8/2018 8:01 PM

Never seen this covers before around here.


6/8/2018 8:38 PM

You can argue all day about who's faster...US vs GP. But the GP teams win the professionalism/sophistication trophy every time. I guess the correct term is prestige. It's always been that way. The U.S. perception is that MX is the sport for the "every man". The GP's have always projected an image of Formula 1. Honestly, that's why Roger is held in such high esteem. He won the most prestigious titles but would still get down and dirty with the American trash. In the end us Americans realised that we might beat him but we would never out "class" him. I'm still waiting for the American rider that steps up to level of Ambassador of the sport that Roger has carried for so long. The position is wide open and the rewards will be many for the right rider.


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