MXGP Game Puts A Lot of Pressure on

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2/28/2014 7:04 PM

Nordic games to replicate what the MXGP game has going in in their career mode. My guess is with the MXGP game allowing us to sign contracts with teams, compete in real championships on licensed tracks and equipment (plus the graphics that I've seen are outstanding) - Nordic Games (MX vs. ATV developers) have no choice but to try and replicate that for the United Stated SX/MX championships.

In the past Mx vs. Atv never really had any competition or pressure to make their games the best and improve them, but now with MXGP on the scene, they do. This means good things for those of us who like a good Moto game. Nothing like a little competition to boost things a bit!


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2/28/2014 7:32 PM

These things have been done a long time ago in other racing games. It really isn't breaking new ground.

If you want a one up, try getting the graphical and physics quality of at least reflex with a minimum of a 20 rider starting gate on all platforms. A 40 rider outdoor gate would be something amazing.

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