MXA's 2018 250sx review

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2/10/2018 5:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/10/2018 5:49 AM

let me start by saying that I have only been riding for 5 or so years, but do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable and always trying to learn. I rely on MXA and Dirtbike as well as Vital for a lot of my help for setup as well as information. I finally bought a new bike last year (17 250sx) and love "tweaking" it. Which brings me to MXA...I have ALWAYS respected their opinion as well as tips, but after reading their 18 review and then the 17 review I have to ask myself if these guys just mail it in, the discrepancies are ridiculous:

17-jetting runs a little rich, drop pilot or run air crew out 2-3 turns.

18-go up on pilot (to a 55!!!) AND air screw 1/2 turn out

keep in mind the 17 and 18 are basically the same bike, did they just make up their specs? It gets better when they talk about "lessening the mid range hit":

17-Since our testers wanted to broaden the power of the 250SX for a more linear powerband, we turned the dial counterclockwise. We found the sweet spot at 3/4 turns, which allowed the power to track to the ground and pull each gear longer with more over-rev. Our less aggressive riders toned it down even more. If you dare, you can turn the PowerDial clockwise the hit might throw you off the bike.

18-turn the adjuster counter-clockwise for an aggressive hit and clockwise for a broader, smoother delivery

WTF...that is EXACTLY opposite of what they said in 17...sorry, rant over, I really love MXA but the setup tips for my bike (which I need) are totally opposite in 2 different years for a bike that didn't change. peace/out


2/10/2018 6:23 AM

So basically MXAs tests and reviews are even more of a joke than I thought