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8/21/2017 9:55 AM

My friend's son wants to get into MX. He is 10 years old, just under 5 foot and weighs about 65lbs. He has never been on a dirt bike before. Any suggestions as to what he should start with? Typically kids start on 50s, but I'm thinking he's too big for one. I was thinking a CRF110 since he's never been on a dirt bike before. Thoughts? Thank you!


8/21/2017 10:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/21/2017 10:30 AM

I'd say to find him a 90s XR80; they were bullet proof and is a low risk investment in case the kid isn't into it. If you do it right, you should be able to sell the XR for what you bought it for.

My first bike at age 11 was a 1992 Yamaha RT100. Kick ass little oil injected 2 stroke (with clutch) that is super easy to learn on; well known as being the perfect beginner bike. Yamaha made them from like '90-2000ish. These bikes are also bulletproof and I usually see them selling for $400-500.


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8/21/2017 10:33 AM

A used 80/85 would be my suggestion. I would say a 60, but he will outgrow it too quickly.


8/21/2017 11:16 AM

For sure a 4stroke play bike, no race bike. Depending on height crf100 tt125 small wheel. Something like that.


8/21/2017 11:27 AM


He is too old for a 110 if he wants to progress into riding motocross in my opinion. Start him out on a trail bike that he can tippy toe and has a clutch.


8/21/2017 11:58 AM

For reference, my kid is 9. He's just under 5ft, like 4'9". He has a KLX110 and it's a good size for him. That's just his pit bike, he races a 65. I wouldn't recommend starting a kid on a race bike like that.
Any of the 110's will be great starter bikes. The Honda, Yamaha, or Kawi. The CRF 70 would be a bit small for him. A CRF 80 adds a manual clutch, not sure if you want to start him with a manual clutch or not. It's enough to learn riding a bike, throwing the clutch in adds another level. However, kids are fast learners. My kid rode for 2 months before I moved him to a bike with a clutch. It took us about 30 minutes for him to learn to start and stop without stalling it. Now using the clutch effectively for power delivery is a continuous progression and takes a bit more time.

Go to a dealer and let him sit on a few different bikes. See what fits him well. Remember, you want something he will be able to pick up off the ground on his own but also leaves room for him to grow. You also don't want to buy a bike that he's going to be too big for in 4-6 months.


8/21/2017 1:12 PM

mnoble0902 wrote:

My friend's son wants to get into MX. He is 10 years old, just under 5 foot and weighs about 65lbs. He has never been on a ...more

Any 4 stroke 80/100/110. No 2 strokes of any kind.

8/21/2017 4:23 PM

Start on a race bike if u want him to race. It will only help. If u get him an 85 he will have years to grow to the bikes potential. I don't believe in starting the later kids on play bike four stroke. If he was 5-7, sure. But the intimidation of a race bike won't be there with a fresh beginner. He doesn't know any better lol. If u get him an xr80 then move to an 85 there is a good chance he just winds up scared of the 85. Better to not let him learn the difference. Just go straight to the race bike in 4 months u won't have to replace it with something faster lol.


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8/21/2017 6:02 PM

gsxr6 wrote:

Start on a race bike if u want him to race. It will only help. If u get him an 85 he will have years to grow to the bikes ...more


An XR80 might be great to learn on, but a KX65 isn't going to be too fast for him rolling around in 2nd or 3rd gear under half throttle.

My nephew rides a 65 and puts around on it since he doesn't have much seat time. At 9 and 10 it was a good fit. But at 11, in my opinion the bike is already too small for him.

You can ride a fast bike slow.
I would buy him an 85 if it were me. I'm reading on other sites that there are ways to de-tune a bit if that's what's needed, 2 base gaskets, etc...


8/21/2017 6:30 PM

^^bro, putting a 65lb kid thats never been on a dirt bike before on a 85cc 2stroke MX bike is lunacy lol. Sure, you CAN ride a fast bike slow... after you know how to ride period lol. Whiskey throttle is inevitable for a new rider and would probably scare the kid away from wanting to ride. Not trying to get in a pissing match on this haha, everyone will have their own opinion, I just remember how scary fast I thought my CR80 was when I got it as a 12yr old, and that was after learning to ride my RT100 pretty good laughing


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8/21/2017 6:39 PM

I totally agree on the posts that mention starting on a mild 4 stroke.

Get the kid a CRF80 or 100...a bike that he can flat foot easily.
Once he has been riding that bike for a few months and begins asking for more power, then get him a 65 or 80 2 stroke.


8/21/2017 7:10 PM

I got my kx80 , first bike , at 9. Couldn't touch the ground. Bike looped me in first few rides. I learned how to ride a race bike right from the get go , and more importantly learned a respect that a true mx bike requires. An xr would've only delayed that knowledge lol. My son was 4 foot 6 at 9 when he got his yz85. Was too much for about 5 rides. After that it was a perfect fit. He rode it till he was 14. He is still only 5 foot 2, and he can ride my 450s now. No he can't touch the ground on them either.


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