MEC idea?

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10/3/2018 11:17 AM

After watching that Tomac vid and the 125 races this year, why not make the MEC a 2 stroke only race?

Would turn that into something way more different than just another SX. Its not as hybrid as they make it seem and the only thing really unique is the joker lane.

Anyway just what I think. What say you?


10/3/2018 11:19 AM

I don't think it would happen, especially now. It'll seem like they're copying Red Bull.


10/3/2018 11:26 AM

From my understanding, the premier class at MEC is a true "open" class... so they can basically run anything they want. With that said, it's used as an opportunity to race test the new bikes. I think if it went 2 stroke only, you'd see a lower number of factory guys participate. Many of them already don't run the event. I could see a 2 stroke class added... you'd have to cut the super minis or am all stars I guess.