MEC/SX Viewing Canada

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10/14/2017 9:21 AM

Any new ways to view these events in the great white north or will it be the same shitshow as years past? Can only buy the pkg outside US and Canada. Fox Sports programming is available to about 12 people in eastern Canuckia.


10/14/2017 10:06 AM

Pretty sure we got the shaft again man, I think you could probably buy their international stream and use a VPN but other than that I think you're going to have to rely on someone streaming it.


10/14/2017 11:06 AM

Usual suspects. Dailymotion, cricfree, delayed on offroadvideos, maybe twitch, or try mobdro from your phone


10/14/2017 12:08 PM

It's on channel 409 on rogers


10/14/2017 1:45 PM

Does anybody have a good VPN website they would recommend? I bought the fucking supercross package last year and used that bullshit hola extension and got burned. Couldn’t get my money back or watch the fucking races.