Loretta Lynn Limited Class

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5/22/2018 6:30 AM

Just read this new addition to the limited class at LL. Would Cycra plastic still be legal as it comes with a different cover and the air intake vent is quite different. Been running these for several years without any issues but with the new rule do not want to get DQ'ed at regionals.

The purpose of this Competition Bulletin is to clarify the limited class rules with regard to air boxes. The air box may not be changed or modified. The air box cover is considered part of the air box.

For reference, the following is from the 2018 AMA Racing rulebook, Section 1.2 Motocross Equipment.


5/22/2018 6:35 AM


While the radiator shrouds can be changed the "air box cover" may not be. The scoop it comes with is NOT legal in limited class.


5/22/2018 12:43 PM



6/19/2018 1:20 AM

Good question to bring up. While at WWranch in FL. a couple weeks ago for the regional I was on the starting line with my good friends son for the 250 limited class and a AMA official came up to me and said that the Cycra intake covers are illegal with or without the red scoops and made everyone who was running them duct tape the 2 plastic vent cover caps closed. He said he was only warning everyone that weekend but you will not be allowed to even have them on the bike at Lorretta's. Crazy but I guess that's the rules