Looking for Vegas photo

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9/8/2018 7:37 AM

I believe it was Hill and Cianciarulo giving congrats to each other with Savatagy being cleaned out in the background. Can’t find it anywhere!


9/8/2018 7:49 AM

No idea who took it but here you go



9/8/2018 8:12 AM

Such an epic photo! I'll never forget my buddy and I losing our shit when Zacho made that pass... My (now) wife was sleeping in the next room and immediately let me have it for making so much noise haha... I just remember yelling "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! HE DID IT!!! HE DID IT!!" hahaha


Positively, absolutely 110% obsessed with anything MOTO.

9/8/2018 2:50 PM

Thanks fella!