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10/4/2017 9:06 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/4/2017 9:07 PM

So the motoxpod has a weekly segment on their show about the state of moto in your area. Unfortunately it seems that we are all dealing with the same struggles in the mx community. Was just curious yalls thoughts on the racing scene in your area and what could be done differently to improve rider turnout. Personally out of my riding buddies only a third or less actually race simply because of imbalance of cost to track time. I feel like it's a discussion that needs to be going on between riders and owners. I miss the full gates of the late 90s and early 00s. People are still riding. Practice tracks are full so why is nobody racing. What would you personally change at your local track? Any input is appreciated.


10/4/2017 9:55 PM

No idea. I know lots of guys who ride tracks all the time but if you try to get them to sign up for a race they act like they're going to be killed. Here's some of the excuses I hear, and keep in mind I'm 58 and I'm trying to get them to come out and race the Oldtimer's support race, usually 8-15 guys, half of which are over 50, it's hardly what I'd call stressfull. "I'm afraid I'll feel like I have to win and ride over my head and crash" To which I say "Fuck dude I'm a 58 year old beat to shit 50 Novice, I'll sign up and ride with you, you can fucking smoke me on every track, and in the desert, just go ride your pace and lets have fun" No man.... I'm not really into "racing", never mind that every time I just "Ride" with them it's a full on race, they'll do fuckin 90 across the desert to be the first one back to camp, but they don't want to "Race" lol. That's the most common thing I hear, is that somehow if it's an official race they think they're going to implode and whatever self control they have is going to go out the window. My neighbor rides Pala every Friday, he's fast as shit, but won't race for nuthin'. Then there's ones who are convinced they're not fast enough and will be run over and killed by some kid. I've also noticed (at least with the guys I ride with) that more older guys (40+) race than younger guys. I don't know if it's because we grew up with on any sunday, cheap Hodaka's and dirt lots to ride on or what. I'm sure some will say money, you can ride a track all day for 20-30 bucks but if you race, you only get 1-2 10 minute practices and 2 10-15 minute moto's. so how to we entice more guys into racing ? I don't know, maybe a "first timer" race for $10.00 to try and get them "Hooked" ? I know they already have "First timer" races, but I think they're regular price (and full of novices and experts that need another trophy) laughing I don't know what the solution is, but you're right, for every guy that's ever been in a race there's 20 "Practice racers" I have no idea how to convert them. Not much help I know, sorry tongue


10/4/2017 11:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 12:18 AM

Here's an idea.

I used to race BMX on occasion and we had a "Dad Class" Its just fun race to get non-racing dads off the chain link fence and have some fun too. No points, no trophy, everyone is slow, out of shape and sucking wind. The winner was usually the guy who smokes the least amount of cigarette, ate the least amount of BBQ that day or mortgage was paid for. It was a ton of fun and was probably the most popular class.

Local moto needs a local "Dad Class". Run what you brung. Race you old restored XR75, or your kid's 80cc two stoke or your personal bike. Guys who race any other class are prohibited from racing in Dad Class and vice versa for the season. No points or trophies awarded. Just laughes and bragging rights. That should help eliminate the novice sandbagger riders from wanting in it to pad their trophy shelf because they wont get one and they don't want to waste a whole season for nothing. Trying to impress their chick by bragging about dominating "Dad Class" is not impressive either. If you show up on your new 2018 KX450F dressed like Jeff Emig and start throwing whips, YOU are going to look like the idiot. The guy in 15 place who stopped on lap 2 so he would not puke in his helmet is the Champ in Dad Class.

Guys are not going to get off the fence to race "beginner" with a field of guys who are hucking the double and doing Can Cans like they are Mike Craig.

I'm the guy who goes to the track on weekend for fun and exercise and watches an occasional race. I need to be in one piece at work on Monday. I'd race "Dad Class". I'm not going to risk winding up in a wheel chair to race Beginner Mike Craig.