Local kid making the news

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7/10/2017 8:13 PM

I was reading the review journal and was surprised to see a story about moto. Hope the kid does well at LL's and comes home with some championships. Would be cool to have a local guy to root for in the pro ranks.



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7/10/2017 9:21 PM

Hope he brings home a championship good luck Devon !


7/11/2017 6:09 PM

Good luck Devon. Kill it!


7/12/2017 12:54 PM

Great story and good luck to him at LL, but home schooled and trainer and 9 months away from home for training.
Going to be a tough road for the rest of us C class hopefuls.


7/12/2017 1:11 PM

Good Luck to Devin. Great to see the exposure, when you sign up for LL they have a template for you to use to put some info out and get it to local news agencies. Good exposure for both the rider and the event.