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3/19/2018 6:31 AM

I enjoy the triple crown, and it seems a majority seem to as well. The racing those nights have been fantastic, and I cannot wait for the East/West combined race, it is so good to have one mid season and not just at the end.

While there is always talk of what can be changed to add to the racing, or make the season even more competitive points wise, instead of looking at a chase why not start with bonus points for fastest lap during the main event. Not a lot, but enough that it can make a difference in the long run for a fast rider. So while one racer may not win the race, he can grab an extra point or two by having the fastest lap during the main.

What can be done to help with sponsors, i.e. get more sponsors in the sport endorsing more riders. How about a bigger podium. What I suggest has much to do with my background in Wrestling, both as a wrestler and now as a coach. Increase the podium to to the top 5. The top 5 riders are up front with their trophies/medals, they get interviewed, and more importantly their sponsors get Air and podium time.

This is an individual sport, very true, but it still takes a good team to help that rider get over the edge. Same with wrestling, there is only one guy on the mat, but there are many behind the scenes that helped those that place get there. In that sport most tournaments will place the top 6, some the top 8. All I suggest is show the Top 5, it benefits the riders, the teams and, very importantly, the sponsors.

That is my Monday morning thoughts, and congrats to Penn State on their 7th National Championship in 8 years, and Bo Nickal for setting Cleveland on fire!!


3/19/2018 7:27 AM

A pop up that has the riders sponsors when a rider is on the screen


3/19/2018 11:51 AM

I wonder how a pop up would work with out getting annoying. Everyone likes to see their Rider up on the stage though. To be one of the top 5 out of all those that started qualifications that day, says it lot.