Leatt 5.5 or Atlas Air???

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3/14/2018 7:11 PM

I read vital’s shootout but what’s your take?


3/14/2018 7:18 PM

Im team Leatt! i much prefer the fit and feel, plus there is more chest pro's that work with the leatt, they both are solid neck braces. Best thing to do is go to your local dealer and try them on personally.


3/15/2018 5:08 AM

Have not tried the Leatt but I LOVE my Atlas. Great products and their support folks are great too.


3/15/2018 4:12 PM

WOW !! Thought that I would have received a bit more feedback but oh well lol


3/15/2018 4:43 PM

I've had a leatt, a-star, and atlas. Atlas is hands down my favorite, no brainier for me if I buy another neck brace.


3/15/2018 5:04 PM

Same as Joe512, I’ve tried all three. Granted the Leatt was a first gen model but I would pick the Atlas over the others.


3/15/2018 5:29 PM

The latest version of the Leatt...it’s what’s on all the grandkids. I went with the original and not knock offs. Basically felt they’ve been at it the longest and wanted to give them our business for being the innovators


3/15/2018 7:55 PM

Atlas for me.


Tomac and/or Anderson for 2020.....

3/15/2018 8:54 PM

Atlas for me. I can move my head around better, feels lighter, and stays lower on my shoulders from their better straps. Also great customer service, I ordered one color, and the owner was calling me that same day, telling me that color was about two weeks out getting shipped out, and if I was ok waiting for that or wanted to change to a different color.



3/16/2018 12:33 AM

Atlas Air.


3/16/2018 1:45 AM

Atlas Air. I don’t even feel it’s there while riding.


3/16/2018 2:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/16/2018 2:22 AM

Leatt feels bulky imo. I bought one and rode with it once then sold it. I bought the cheapest no name chinese one i could find on ebay and it is good.


3/16/2018 4:26 AM



3/16/2018 5:58 AM

anyone see the new leatt 3.5


3/16/2018 8:10 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/16/2018 8:11 AM

I have an original atlas and it’s a little heavy I have to admit. I am wanting to upgrade so I tried on both the atlas air and leatt... I’m sticking with atlas!

Maybe because I am used to the feel from wearing one the past few years but I just like the feel better!


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