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Nellie12 Nellie12
5/8/2018 2:17 PM

Anyone have info on this company and helmet? Level of build quality and safety? Looks almost like a mnt bike helmet. Also, I tried on a 6D ATR-2 and if fit very well and was extremely light.

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observeroffacts observeroffacts
5/8/2018 2:22 PM

Get a shoei

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redbeard104 redbeard104
5/8/2018 4:37 PM

that would be a lot of fun to clean after a muddy day with those vents

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GuyB GuyB
5/8/2018 4:39 PM

I always feel it's a little weird when the About Us leads to a 404 error.

Bell, Shoei, and 6D (not to mention Fox and others) are all sponsors here...

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smoothies862 smoothies862
5/8/2018 4:42 PM
GuyB wrote:

I always feel it's a ...more

quit being logical. lol.
my thoughts as well.

If I'm healthy enough to complain. I shouldn't be complaining.

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EastFlorida EastFlorida
5/8/2018 5:11 PM

I went with the new 6D ATR-2... Very pleased. This is after breaking two helmets (two different brands). I decided cost was no object to get the safest helmet for what we do.

2019 KTM 350 XC-F
Daytona Dirt Riders (DDR) (FTR)

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Nellie12 Nellie12
5/8/2018 5:33 PM

GuyB, I noticed that. It just took me to a blank page. The information tab takes you to a page that tells a little history. Chinese company. I'll pass. Just thought it was an interesting look and design and wondered if anyone had any experience with them.

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mxbrian15 mxbrian15
5/8/2018 5:35 PM
GuyB wrote:

I always feel it's a ...more

Interesting. I had no issues getting to that page or any page for that matter.

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5/8/2018 6:23 PM
GuyB wrote:

I always feel it's a ...more

The LS2 ad shows up on the right side of the forum page pretty often, so they may be indirect "sponsors" as well......

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5/8/2018 6:34 PM
GuyB wrote:

I always feel it's a ...more

It also seems like the 404 errors occur from mobile devices. On my android, they actually work in desktop mode.

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racerx317 racerx317
5/8/2018 7:25 PM

We have the new LS2 helmets and are extremely pleased!

I bought them for several reasons... (this comes from someone who has only ever bought the best for my son and my noggins.)
1 The safety advancement is better than any other company out there. I’ve done my homework on anular space, pendulum effect, rotational forces, etc... and this helmet exceeds all other brands in total protection.
2. There are only a few manufacturers of all helmets in the world. So most of your high end and entry level helmets of various brands are all made out of these same facilities. LS2 not only builds a great helmet... they are one of the only ones that builds their own as they own one of the few manufacturing facilities. They know what theyre doing and can do it for a lot less cost.
3. Best ventilation period. We’ve used all the top brands and none of them compare. The vents are easy to clean as well... this is not an issue at all.

Additionally, my son already crash tested it on a gnarly high side where he attempted to mimic an ostrich. No concussion or even any signs of a simple headache. Solid product!

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BenC711 BenC711
5/8/2018 7:38 PM

I would use them, fantastic helmet and their manufacturing facility is one of, if not the best in the world. Chances are you already wear a helmet made by these guys

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user760a user760a
5/8/2018 7:44 PM

This may not help much, butI am not at all fond of the two LS2 street helmets I have got. they feature uncomfortable/insufficient padding and extremely loud wind noise. poorly tested i would say. build quality does not look bad though


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5/8/2018 8:33 PM

I followed their ad from here once just to check them out. Looked at a few "reviews" online. Sounds like the shape would be just about what I'd be looking for. Hard to actually buy any helmet without trying one on first, though.

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MxRewind MxRewind
5/9/2018 8:17 AM

I’ve tried helmets from Thor to TLD to shoei to Just 1. Now having a LS2 Subverter I can say these are the hit and misses. For hits the venting is top notch. No helmet comes close to it. I literally came of the track the first time wearing it and telling someone how I could feel the air flow like a breeze. The weight is not heavy at all but also not the lightest of all the brands. The misses to far I’d have to say I’m not a fan of the shape of the bottom of the helmet. Felt slightly too open at the jaw. Was skeptical about the price to quality but so far it competes with the bigger names pretty well

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peelout peelout
5/9/2018 8:37 AM

LS2 stands for Le Shit 2

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5/9/2018 11:49 AM
MxRewind wrote:

I’ve tried helmets from ...more

That shape/size is the most appealing part! I have a pretty large melon and a hard to fit shape. The most consistently comfortable brand seems to be HJC for me now, but a XXL is slightly too small and a XXXL is just a tad looser than I’d like it to be.

The old Bell Moto 4 was the perfect fit for me back then, but the Moto 5 was a completely different shape and absolutely unwearable for me. Now, even when the head shape of a helmet is close I have trouble with the chinbar being too close. The reviews I’ve seen online seem to sound like this LS2 would be close to an ideal fit. I really wish that Bell would re-release the Mag4 with the original shell because all the old ones have probably degraded to the point of offering no true protection. Slap a Troy Lee visor from eBay on one of those and I’d be a happy man!

I may need to search for a dealer who has a few in stock I guess.

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Titan1 Titan1
5/9/2018 12:38 PM

I just bought a Suomy MX Jump (which I really really like)...but if I'd of known about the LS2 I'd of purchased it instead. All the research I've done on them has been positive...and it is cheaper than the Suomy.

And I really like the look of them-I get that that is all personal opinion though.

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TerryB TerryB
5/9/2018 1:46 PM
user760a wrote:

This may not help much, ...more

We sell them. I’ve had exactly the opposite experience with them. Not discounting your experierience, just saying mine has been different. That said, the mouth vent in the offroad helmets are hideous.

Previosly, I’ve always worn high-buck helmets, and my new Arrow Carbon is high quality, cushy, and quiet.

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Rooster Rooster
5/9/2018 1:52 PM

While they list a bunch of other helmets as having ece certification this model isn't listed as being certified by anything other than DOT. If your track requires something greater than DOT certification it may not be legal for use.

Nice looking lids though.


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5/9/2018 9:32 PM
Rooster wrote:

While they list a bunch of ...more

Here's a screenshot from the page of the Subverter model. Appears to be ECE certified......


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