Knee and neck brace advice for bigger rider

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3/18/2018 5:00 PM

I am 6’4 size 44 pant 3x get the idea! I was looking for recommendations on knee braces and neck braces. Has any brands fit Better for a bigger rider? Recently tore a ligament in my knee playing hockey and after a few months it’s starting to feel better. I’d like to try racing in spring but I want to be fully set up. Any recommendations would be appreciated!


3/18/2018 11:12 PM

Well if your like me with really big legs it's really hard to get OTS knee braces. Maybe try Asterisk . But I know guys who are 70 kg . Wearing large and xl knee braces.. costum might be the only choice if you have big legs . Imo OTS knee braces size s is stupid I know some cycilists who are less than 60 kg and would need xxl knee braces .any fit racer needs to have good strong and big legs for mx ..


3/19/2018 12:23 AM

The A stars neck brace fits me good and im the same size if that helps.

I have 10 year old POD knee braces that fit well too but not sure if they are still available.


3/19/2018 1:46 AM

Try the Asterisk braces because their hinges are not fixed, so the brace will "adapt" to your leg/knee shape.

The problem with OTS braces is that it's difficult to find braces that fits. Especially if you have one knee that is bigger than the other knee. Asterisk and POD are the only OTS braces that have fitted good enough for me.

The best option is custom CTI braces but those are expensive.


3/19/2018 7:59 AM

I’m a pretty big dude (36-38 pant) and tried xxl mobius braces and they were too big so they might be a good place to start