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Excaliburbmx Excaliburbmx
7/30/2018 7:25 PM

Get the best start you can.

If Tomac starts behind you be patient he’s gonna pass you.

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rmoto003 rmoto003
7/30/2018 7:50 PM

1) Go fast

2) Dont go slow

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rollin64caddy rollin64caddy
7/30/2018 8:01 PM
Excaliburbmx wrote:

Get the best start you ...more

seems to happen more often than not. cant say this isn't a false statement.

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Kelz87 Kelz87
8/1/2018 5:57 PM

Try your best

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pete24 pete24
8/1/2018 6:19 PM

sneak beer in, find shade, tell your friends tomac will crash or win, then tell them plessinger smile is actually welded to his lips

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Kx125rider Kx125rider
8/1/2018 6:21 PM

Just go out there and have a good time, get a good start (or not) because Tomac is gonna run you down either way

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Lucifa. Lucifa.
8/1/2018 6:25 PM

1. Check sprocket bolts
2. Get holeshot
3. Cross jump until finish line

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