Ken almost had it!!!

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2/3/2018 9:50 PM

Damn it, I wanted to see him win that so bad! He had it all the way but got totally screwed by lappers, the blue flag placement was horrible and there was nobody stationed for about half of the track to let these guys know to pull over. But man, that was the most exciting race I've ever attended, there was not one person in their seat for the entire last lap of that race, the intensity was just unreal. Had he pulled it off that place would have went absolutely nuts, I didn't think people could get any more excited when he passed Ando back, but damn it if he would have held on it would have been an absolute mad house. The first win is coming, and tonight showed it.


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2/3/2018 9:55 PM

Lappers definitely fucked him a couple of times but he clearly lost the lead all on his own by messing up a couple sections on the last lap. Still plenty of races left this year, no doubt that he lands on the top step sooner than later. And he still has a solid chance at the championship.

That place sounded LOUD! Wish I could've been there.