Keihin Carburetor Help

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5/31/2017 11:07 AM

Hi i am looking at replacing the Keihin PJ 38 mm on my 1986 Honda CR250 with a PWK Air Striker. I would like to find a good used one. What should i be looking for and what baseline jetting to get started would be a great help.


6/1/2017 12:11 AM

Definitely a good upgrade and the PWK's are fairly easy to find. A lot of late 90's bikes came stock with the Air strikers such as RM250's etc. Check eBay and put a 'WTB' advert in the Bazaar section on Vital.

In terms of jetting you would need to give us more info but a safe start would be a 48 pilot, NEDH needle in clip 3 and a 172 main. These carbs are easy to jet, it didn't take long to get it perfect on my 89 RM250.