KTM and Husqvarna enter new World Enduro Super Series

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12/7/2017 2:41 PM

After both quit EnduroGP, a new series has been announced with top riders signed to both teams.

The WESS series intends to run a multi faceted series using a variety of disciplines, although most of the races are existing Hard Enduro Red Bull races. The intent is to mix hard enduro, traditional enduro, cross country and beach racing to determine a champion.


All of the races will run amateur events at the same time, which is a major factor in the teams making the move to get mass exposure with potential customers.


12/7/2017 5:39 PM

Dude thats amazing. So cool to have different disciplines will allow a well rounded champion!
I hope theres more tv or live event coverage aswell


12/8/2017 12:07 AM

A new series where half the races a Red Bull events, Red Bull KTM quits the contending series and takes their little brother Husky team with them. Someone at RB deserves a raise for coming up with this.

Seriously tho, that's brilliant. I understand the World Enduro Championship has been going down for several years and tbh it's not hard to see why. The races are quite dull and the races are pretty much the same, they just run 3 stages over and over again for a weekend (I think it's one "super stage", a MX stage and an "enduro" stage, I remember hearing stories that the southern european guys walk the stages and dig out all the rocks or whatever they can find so that it's basically just smooth trails to cruise around which I think is bs). The series is for the most part filled with riders that weren't fast enough to stay in the MX World Championships. Plus it's run by French who have somekind of history favoring "their" guys.

This new series actually seems exciting with different kind of races where you need different kind of skill sets, and they are mass events that anyone can enter. I wouldn't be surprised to see the WEC die completely in a couple of years and everyone moving over to WESS.