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8/12/2018 8:45 PM

I figured some of you mini-dads could answer this quick and easy.

What’s the difference between the KTM 50 Jr VS Sr and then the SX version?

Trying to figure out the best route for my G-son, 6yrs old. He currently rides a TTR50 but it’s pretty heavy for him to handle. Just thinking about other options.


8/12/2018 8:58 PM

Just spring for the SX because he’ll need the power and suspension eventually. You’ll want to join KTMTalk asap. It’s a forum like this but just for KTM riders. The mini section will be your source for everything.


8/13/2018 4:48 AM

Go Cobra.
We did the KTM thing starting out. Went to a cobra and it has been great.


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8/13/2018 6:38 AM

The 50 Jr and Sr are the pre 2012 bikes with the old clutch design. You don't want one of those. The Mini sx and sx 50 are the models that replaced them, and a way better bike. The sx 50 is the bigger framed non oil injected version of the mini sx. I would go with a sx 50 for a six year old that races. At six it's his last year for the 4 to 6 oil injected class anyway.


8/13/2018 12:32 PM


Answers to every question ever on KTM50s. smile



8/13/2018 2:39 PM

If you or your son are interested in racing, go Cobra. Cobra suspension is much better. You have to spend alot of $$$$ to make the KTM equal.
If your going KTM, only buy a 2013+ SX. The bikes pre 2012 before that have a clutch that will give you a drinking problem.... Honestly, if your going KTM get one of these clutches right away (any model) a nd save yourself hours in the garage. http://www.inturace.com/KTM-Triple-Grip-50-Complete-Clutch-2009-2018-Husky-TC50-2018_c_1084.html
Put this site in your bookmarks KTMtalk.com
Good luck!


8/14/2018 7:02 PM

Thanks guys! I have some research to do and decide what to do. He’s a beginner too and will take that into consideration. Thanks a bunch!



8/14/2018 8:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/15/2018 5:35 AM

YZ324 wrote:

Thanks guys! I have some research to do and decide what to do. He’s a beginner too and will take that into consideration. ...more

Grab a Cobra P3 or Cobra JR if your little one is 4-6. The have a 10” front and 10” rear tires.

If he is 7-8 get a Cobra CX50SR or a Cobra CX50SR FWE. They have a 12” front tire and 10” rear tire The 2019 FWE is a trick machine that comes from the factory with titanium axles and swingarm pivot bolts.


8/14/2018 9:35 PM

The 50SX has a larger carb therefore more power. If he's a beginner, pick a clean used PW 50 and let him get used to riding before being thrown on KTM. They are way more reliable and you'll be able to sell for what you paid a year or two later when he's ready to step up. Sounds like he's small given the too heavy TTR and the PW is a lot lighter. You don't want to scare them before they get a start