KTM 250 class???

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2/16/2020 4:43 PM

What in the world is going on. How can there be such a drop off from 250-450s. Meanwhile Husky is a lot more consist in the 2 classes.
Don’t believe they had a bike in the top 10. The guys across the pond can’t be very happy with the performance this year.


2/16/2020 4:45 PM



2/16/2020 4:47 PM

Wait till we see Max Vohland


2/16/2020 6:00 PM

This is a rebuilding year for the TLD Team. They brought the 250 effort in house and are kinda starting from scratch.

Once Max turns pro...that kid is going to light the 250 class on fire.


2/16/2020 7:14 PM
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