Justin Barcia Racing Monster Cup aboard a Privateer Honda

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9/26/2017 7:35 PM

davistld01 wrote:

Whatever it takes. Tickle ain't stupid.

tickleme20 wrote:

Ha yep. But I honestly don't think they would hire Barcia even if he had kept them on speed dial. He's degenerated into a ...more

GuyB wrote:

Jeez, who pissed in your Cheerios?

Sometimes the truth can be harsh yet still remain true

Can't say I disagree with the comments made, 51 does like to rub plastic and makes it seem like he aims to be disliked


9/26/2017 9:07 PM

Underground wrote:

Wow, you know how to really bring down the postingsermm count

GuyB wrote:

Well, could hope for some improved efforts behind the keyboard?

olds cool wrote:

Saturday night in the off season. We're probably not on the top of our game right now, boss. silly

Don’t want to peak too early in the season...


9/27/2017 3:51 AM

NJKawi913 wrote:

JB51 aboard am Alta for SX, but they'll have to agree to install some sort of speaker that simulates a rev limiter so he feels ...more

I'm a Barcia fan but that is funny!


9/27/2017 3:52 AM

gsxr6 wrote:

Barcia will win again, he is still young and has talent to burn, ala kw or davi. Deano blew out his knee in consecutive years ...more

I like the way that you think. Bam Bam still has it in him and hopefully he can stay healthy and put on a show for us.