Jordon Smith Signs with Monster Energy Star Yamaha for 2023

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6/16/2022 12:47 PM

I love how Star has so many riders… Hope it will become a trend with other teams as well.


6/16/2022 5:44 PM

UpTiTe wrote:

What do you see happening with their 250 program? Why are all the young guys leaving? Stilez is leaving for some pretty ...more

DonM wrote:

Let me guess…it has something to do with Roger or Aldon….you just can’t help yourself can you…any chance you get…I think it ...more

UpTiTe wrote:

And I suppose those two left because they were bored?

Go ahead and explain to me why their 250 program can’t produce ...more

You're so predictable with your wasn't that long ago when Star was in the same position or for that matter Pro Circuit has had its issues too...but all that was probably Aldon and Roger's fault too...they'll figure it out and get back to the days of Zach and Marv....every team has its valleys and the KTM group is just in one right patient grasshopper...