Jonass picks up a new coach

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11/10/2017 1:02 PM

Jonass teams up with Everts.

Despite the fact that the pair enjoyed a significant amount of success together, Pauls Jonass stopped working with Marc de Reuver at the end of the FIM Motocross World Championship. Interest was spiked at that point and, surprisingly, it remains unclear why the relationship came to an abrupt end. Both parties have moved on now though, as it was just announced that Pauls Jonass will be working with Harry Everts next season.

Jonass is familiar with the Everts family, as he worked closely with them during his first term in the MX2 category. That relationship ended when Stefan took control of the Suzuki World MX2 team, of course, but that is no longer an issue. "Happy to announce that I’ll be working with Harry Everts once again," Jonass offered up on social media. "Putting in the work to prepare for the next season."

Marc de Reuver, on the other hand, has found a home at F&H Racing Kawasaki, where'll work closely with Jed Beaton and Ruben Fernandez. Adam Sterry will continue his relationship with the RMJ Academy.


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