Jeremy Albrecht interview- the move to JGR and going Suzuki

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5/4/2018 4:27 AM

Doug Turney spent 30 minutes recently talking with a very open and honest Jeremy Albrecht about his move to JGR MX, the switch to Suzuki, their future aspirations and riders living in N.C.

Jeremy Albrecht interview


SX King MC
World MX King Everts

5/4/2018 5:12 AM

thanks for sharing the interview...I can respect the honest effort JGR puts in...they are better ..but the cost has got to be thru the roof..all the best.


5/4/2018 6:10 AM

Really cool article with great insight. Thanks for posting. But man, someone needs to proof read for typos on the next article they do.


5/4/2018 8:45 AM

I just wish someone would step up and talk about JS issue at last half-dozen or so races he ran. The industry NEEDS to face up to the consequences of too many concussions. DID James get knocked out in December before the Dungy T-bone? Quite possible he shouldn't have been riding at all. The Dungy deal was just the last straw. I need to find Dale Jr's book. Apparently he had been suffering with concussion symptoms for years but didn't tell anyone or possibly even know what was happening.