Jamie "250 class for young up and comers"

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4/21/2018 7:27 PM

Throws it to interview with Zacho..


4/21/2018 7:37 PM

She did say “mostly”. I thought it was pretty funny also


4/22/2018 4:02 AM



4/22/2018 4:10 AM

Love it. So true too.


4/22/2018 5:45 AM

That was the original intention of the class. And of course back in the good old days 250cc two-strokes were (I believe) the best selling and most profitable dirt bikes for the OEMs.

Now, 250cc four-strokes seem to be the best selling and most profitable for the OEMs. So it makes sense to hire established guys to promote the bike and boost sales.

McGrath is the big winner here. With 250 guys (more often than not) spending half of their career in the 250 class, his records are quite safe. How many 250 guys will move up to a 450 at 25 and hit 73 wins?

If it makes economic sense the racers and OEMs will keep guys on 250s for as long as possible. Up and coming riders will pay the price, as there will be less support available for them and they are racing guys with 10+ years of pro racing experience.

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