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10/16/2018 6:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/17/2018 4:04 PM


Many of you in the sport and industry know Jeff "Iron" Montgomery. He truly needs your help. He's fought a ruthless rare version of cardiomyopathy for nearly 20 years. Now the only path for him is an upcoming heart transplant. The last 10 years were extraordinarily difficult and something he chose to keep to himself so as not to "show any weakness". In the last 6 months, his condition became unsustainable and constantly life-threatening with hundreds of horrific episodes. Indeed a tough battle made infinitely tougher by choosing to clam up.

He has tirelessly helped thousands of folks reach their goals, only now he needs your help to make it through what will be a difficult recovery, but a challenge he'll be ready for.

For those unfamiliar with his background, it's unique and somewhat unprecedented. He's a 25+ year sports nutrition product developer and marketer of the very best selling products ever. (he actually named Muscle Milk) as well as 150+ others.

He was an accomplished endurance athlete who was forced literally overnight to stop competing due to the onset of his condition. He still managed to finish 250+ races (Ironman Hawaii) etc.. He's also well known in the motocross/supercross industry since the early 80's and raced himself. He considers himself blessed to know so many elite and amateur athletes in a dozen sports.

He also takes great pride in being a close friend to so many established national-level bands/musical artists which has ALWAYS been the fuel of his very faulty heart always relied on.

If you know Iron, you know he has some serious unfinished business to keep helping others daily in any way he can.

Let's help him now.

Here's the link to his GoFundMe:

10/17/2018 8:29 AM

Iron's bio from the FitPro website.