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PressPassP PressPassP
10/8/2018 3:26 AM

Commiseration for those guys, so close this year,feel bad for them as well as the Dutch, particularly Cairoli who's MXdN bad luck struck again,racing problems yes but just saying,on fire in that qualifier only to go 6-4

Lupino's 5th was remarkable, he pulled off a second consecutive MXdN blinder (but would TC have passed Paulin if Lupino had let him by sooner?) while Cervallin put in a very respectful peformance too

Sadly TC may well never get that team win unless next year is just as crazy and exciting

(I also regret my username,funny at the time "you had to be there..")

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St Ann More St Ann More
10/8/2018 3:31 AM
PressPassP wrote:

Commiseration for those ...more

MXdN 2020. Ernee. Cairoli's swansong. Team Italy win! Stamp it!

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wpark89 wpark89
10/8/2018 4:40 AM

The Italians gutted out a hell of a ride. Lupino rode fantastic that 3rd moto. They were close...very impressed by the effort and determination of Cairoli to charge like that with no goggles. As a fan I followed the French/Italian battle that whole 3rd moto and thought...this is how you should ride the MX of could just tell it meant something and mattered to those guys to give it all they had for their country.

Bravo Italia

I think it was helpful for Lupino to hold off Paulin as long as he did for Cairoli to get close. The problem was Antonio had no goggles and Paulin was so strong and fast.

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jamma10 jamma10
10/8/2018 4:43 AM

I felt so disappointed for Cairoli.

One of the best riders ever and it was probably the closest he will ever come to winning the MXdN. It would have been a sweet victory for a rider who hasn't always had the best luck at the event, especially in America.

Jeff Emigs Keys to the Race:
1. Get a good start
2. Don't crash

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