Is this A Kit Forks ?

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2/14/2018 5:44 PM

Bike for sale locally
And the forks don't look stock Photo


2/14/2018 5:48 PM

Looks like ohlins forks, matching the ohlins shock.


2/14/2018 7:38 PM

Has an Ohlins shock but the forks are the production KYB SSS units. Upper tubes may have been anodized. It’s hard to tell from that photo but it might have Ohlins cartridges in the forks, if not they have stock internals.


2/14/2018 7:52 PM

Thanks looks like a nice bike to me
But it would be a non fuel injection bike .
I've never had either or any 250f
But I'm thinking I would rather have the fuel injection