Is Yoshimura's management helping in Dungeys rise?

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1/25/2010 9:50 PM

Has Honda corrected the valve issue with the 250f yet?


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1/25/2010 9:56 PM

RMZ819 wrote:

Reputation for poor reliability?? Please tell us what you know Einstein??

nytsmaC wrote:

Been around long? Never heard the term yellow turd? Suzuki made the biggest piles of shit bikes from about 1989 until 2005ish. Kawasaki was a close 2nd.

Motodrew295 wrote:

Personal experiance, had two RM125s and neither could keep a crank in them. a buddy has a 2008 rm250 and it has lost like 3 cranks in 1 year and a half. Another friend had a 2007 RMZ250 blow up on him the first time riding off the showroom floor. Suzuki only warrentied the parts, wasn't his fault. He also had the lips on his axle blocks strip out? never seen that before, just poor quality metals all around it seems. Another friend whos a mechanic had nothing but problems with the electrical on his 05 rm250. And those are just people I know, not to mention the countless slowzukis i've witnessed at the track go boom. So there ya go, thats what I know.

my buddy bought one of licthles old 250f's, it blew up 21 a year. Under warranty through MCR though, it was painful to watch/hear. First day the bike made it threw 2 corners and half a whoop section on my track.