Ironman National - Keep it on the schedule!!

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8/27/2018 1:24 PM

I hear a lot of folks saying they should get rid of the Ironwood national because it's had a few mud races the last few years and most folks hate mud races. Sucks the weather has messed up the weekend a few times.

However, that is absolutely a national caliber track and facility. Beautiful location.

We need to keep it on the schedule. As well as introduce some new tracks to the schedule from time to time.

Stop hatin and keep Ironman!!


8/27/2018 2:06 PM

Truly is an awesome facility. Watching the guys ride press day on the crisp track Friday was a treat.


8/27/2018 2:08 PM

I haven't heard word one about it being removed. I think it's well on the safe side.


8/27/2018 2:11 PM

both should stay this and .....unadillo had some mud too a few what


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8/27/2018 3:21 PM

It a bummer about the mud race...I'm sure that really hurt the pocket book. And it isn't that great for the racers/spectators either. But it's just such a shady paradise for watching moto when it's primo.


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8/27/2018 3:29 PM

Some that are complaining must be real indoor fans. Next year it will be a 100 degrees and that will blow too. The elements is what makes MX great, even if it includes mud.


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