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MXMattii MXMattii
5/26/2018 6:32 PM

I try to follow every Motocross, Arenacross and Supercross championship in the world. So yeah I watch Canadian motocross too and I was wondering do those team sometimes need replacement riders and what are those budgets? Because riders such as Jeffrey Dewulf and maybe even Ken De Dycker would be great assets to that championship. Jeffrey Dewulf is a Belgian semi-pro who riders everything he can to earn a dime. He's damn fast in sand, finished third at a sand ADAC race behind Henri Jacobi and Max Nagl both racing World Championship. Today he qualified in third at the ADAC Molln behind Max Nagl and Jens Getteman a other Belgian and before Henri Jacobi, Ken De Dycker... Last year he have beaten Simone Furlotti, Matteo Bonini, David Philippaerts, Alessandro Lupino at a Italian championship race as special guest. So he can ride a bike.

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5/26/2018 7:21 PM

If a rider gets hurt early in the series they usually try and find a replacement. Towards the end of the season if it's just for a couple of rounds they usually just stick with one rider. That said sometimes teams will help a rider for a round or two if they decide to come over. I've seen riders come over just for the last round of the series and pit out of a teams rig and sometimes they'll even put a bike together for the rider.

I'd like to see more riders come over and give our series a try but it's difficult when we don't have as many teams as the US to accommodate more riders. The budgets are smaller, the salaries are smaller, the purse is smaller. The new group of owners have big plans and are trying to grow the series. It's certainly not perfect but they're on the right track with providing an AX, MX and SX series for our riders so that they can ride year round as oppose to just the summer months.

Their ultimate goal is to have the series televised live like the US. If they manage to get that I think we'll see more riders coming up North.

Not sure if those riders have agents or not but they could always try and contact the teams and see where things go.

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ML512 ML512
5/26/2018 7:38 PM
MXMattii wrote:

I try to follow every ...more

Probably pricing, US riders can stay at home and just fly up for races and stay a couple weeks here and there...I don't think there's enough money in contracts to have someone from Europe relocate for a full pull.

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5/26/2018 7:51 PM

Apparently Tickle already called a team but the team was full. He's first on the list as a replacement if one of the guys get hurt. I suppose that would also depend on his whole banned situation too.

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