Injuries explanation

4/5/2018 6:46am
I was thinking today of a famous quote by some goat "you win the championship on your bad days"

Could it be that these riders are getting hurt because now a days we have 5-7 championship contenders compared to 2? I truly feel like some of these riders just have bad luck or do not know how to back it down when they don't have it that weekend.

"riding over their head" when they have 17 rounds to make it happen AKA RD never got hurt but stayed fit, consistent and mistake free. Some of these guys want to quad and scrub anything, where are they now? on the couch next to me
4/5/2018 7:16am
I think they are pushing things a few percent, maybe just 1-2% passed their limits for more laps then before to beat the other guys in the moment.

Dungey was not the fastest recent years, but won anyway. Important to notice that. He would have pushed 1-2% more, he probably would have been on the ground more.

Pushing passed the limit works if you have 1 or 2, maybe 3 riders that can win a race based on pure speed since rarely they all have a good day at the same time so one rider will come out on top even if he is not riding over his head.

What they have not taken into consideration is that equation does not work when you have 6-7 riders going all in, in all races. You will have minimum 2 riders pushing the envelope over their ability at all time during a race which means if you are going for a win, you have to ride 20+1 outside your comfortzone.

If Tomac backed it down 1% (500ms/lap, not doing a quad to crash?), Anderson and Roczen, Barcia, Musquin, Brayton, Webb (?) etc would be on him. Maybe Anderson need to tune it down 150-250ms/lap to ride more stable. The other the same?

So either you take a chance and do that extra and win, or back it down 0.5sec/lap and deal with all the guys catching you.
Saint Paul, MN US
4/5/2018 7:37am
It’s already been said but WTH here it is again. Dungey made fast look easy. Racing and winning at their level ain’t easy!
Pittsburgh, PA US
4/5/2018 7:41am
Its hard to "win the championship on your bad days" when the bad day puts them on your couch for weeks/months.

Also, I'd like to know how you have got pro's to sit on your couch with you. Just seems weird.

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