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2/5/2021 6:02 PM

Round 6 - Indianapolis 3 (Saturday, February 6th)
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Injury Report - Racer X

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TV Schedule
Qualifying LIVE on Peacock TV at 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern
Night Show LIVE on NBCSN & Peacock TV at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern

U.S. fans can buy a subscription to Peacock TV here.
International and Canadian fans can buy the video pass here.

Schedule (Eastern Time):

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2/5/2021 9:36 PM

I like having two Supercross races per week to watch. Maybe when this pandemic is over Supercross will just keep this format? If they get to keep the same dirt in the stadium for 3 events, spend some money and make the tracks longer. Go up into the stands like the old Pontiac and LA Coliseum races. Give us tracks that have at least 1 minute lap times for the fast guys. Then make the SX season shorter and give a longer break before real motocross starts. I guess that depends on if they are losing money this way over a traditional season. Of course that means fewer cities would get SX races.


“Adhering to 1970’s Standards of Political Correctness”

2/6/2021 9:03 AM