Importing Bike from Canada To USA

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3/3/2018 5:02 PM

Hi All,

Need help with anyone who's been successful importing a two stroke built in 2006+ into the USA? Similar to this post (,20/Buying-bike-in-Canda,1334651)

I've owned the bike for 8 years. It a 2008 yz all set up for my weight and riding style. From BC to Washington

According to the EPA I have to be on scheduled race circuit and can't really do that without a bike. Yamaha doesn't offer the letter of compliance anymore either as they have been directed not to by the EPA.

Perhaps an importer can help but this just seems very crazy that I can't have my bike. I was unable to import my truck as well despite buying it Idaho and taking it to Canada for 10 years. It had salvage title and once it leaves the US it can never come back.

It's debatable if form HS-7 is required given its not supposed to conform to FMVSS. The canadian bike is tagged with CMVSS. Form 3520-21 is required. If anyone had the old yamaha letter of compliance (a letter stating offroad use only) despite being a different VIN maybe I could argue with the CBP agent. If anyone could share exactly what the paper work looked like or it was possible I'd be greatfull. Don't need to buy another bike just to get screwed if I ever went back north. The new US bikes just say for offroad use only. No FMVSS anywhere