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davis224 davis224
6/1/2021 3:02 PM

...will it be the longest span between a rider's first premier class title and their most recent? There will have been 7 years passed since he won in 2014. Who has had a further spread? Longest I can think of is Carmichael, first title in 2000, last in 2006. Only he won everything in between blink
Doesn't seem like Ken has been around that long, but time flies.

Edit: would it tie McGrath's span in SX?

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crusty_xx crusty_xx
6/1/2021 3:06 PM

Dungey and MC?

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Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo
6/1/2021 3:12 PM

7 years is a long time to be at or near the top of the Class

Alright Lunger, Let's Do It

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visser62 visser62
6/1/2021 3:14 PM

Ken's last title was in 2016, though. If you mean first and last, then it would be seven years like you said, tied with Dungey (2010-2017) and MC (1993-2000).

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CraigCrashes CraigCrashes
6/1/2021 4:33 PM

Little early for this conversation lol

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KirkChandler KirkChandler
6/2/2021 12:19 PM

If you include Grand Prixs in the conversation, Everts won his first 250 World title in 1995 and final MXGP title in 2006. You can go further back if you add 125 titles.

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motomike137 motomike137
6/2/2021 12:57 PM

Let's see how he handles the heat and altitude this weekend before we crown him 2021 450 MX Champ wink

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davis224 davis224
6/2/2021 1:08 PM
motomike137 wrote:

Let's see how he handles ...more

I'm not crowning him, I'm rooting for AC. Just a potential piece of useless trivia I thought of.

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norcal racer norcal racer
6/3/2021 2:17 AM

AC when he goes 2019-2027 SX

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Derpin' DJ Derpin' DJ
6/3/2021 3:44 AM
norcal racer wrote:

AC when he goes 2019-2027 ...more

Is he going to go back in time and win the 450 class?

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