I think i may have found Brandon's riding coach

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5/12/2018 12:56 PM

Pretty sure this is the riding coach that mentored Brandon and taught him everything he knows about riding.



5/12/2018 1:08 PM

Its like watching Ronnie Mac in slow motion


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5/12/2018 1:57 PM

3:50 epic Lloyd Christmas / mullet hairdo


5/12/2018 2:07 PM

Video descriptions the uploader uses make the vids even better.


5/12/2018 6:16 PM

That's the longest crash I've ever seen. I bet he's still sore.


5/12/2018 7:45 PM

689 wrote:

Video descriptions the uploader uses make the vids even better.

Absolutely....they are hillarious

Heres an arenacross race

arenacross race


5/13/2018 12:13 AM

Down siding a double with only the rear wheel. You won't learn that at the Baker Factory


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5/13/2018 12:18 AM

I actually enjoyed that, he was really going for it!w00t laughing

Gumby's have more fun I reckon.cool


5/13/2018 12:42 AM

Ahh yes....the beginner class in the 80's and 90's in the great PNW!


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5/13/2018 1:04 AM

Some one should off told him to shift that 500 out off 1 st gear


5/13/2018 6:00 AM

Well that was awesome!


5/13/2018 6:20 AM

Funny but dangerous.


5/13/2018 7:02 AM

I could hear Big Bill Spencer (RIP 2001) now, "Pay attention fans and step back a few steps, 500cc Novice. on the gate. A lot of power for a Novice."


5/13/2018 7:17 AM

nytsmaC wrote:

3:50 epic Lloyd Christmas / mullet hairdo

"I'm going to hang at the track... Put out the vibe!"



5/13/2018 7:48 AM

Awesome! DV could clean-up homie’s technique in no time.


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5/13/2018 11:10 AM

this made my day!


5/13/2018 3:37 PM

Jump for show, corner for dough! Crash for posterity!!tongue tongue


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