Husqvarna / KTM Adjusting Rider Ergo's

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6/13/2022 5:25 PM

For those that have read any of my previous threads you may be aware that I currently own an '18 FC 350, '19 KX 450 and '20 YZ250f. Diversity at its best.

After putting in the laps I have decided against keeping the KX 450. I find I can push harder for longer on the 350 and 250f. Although the KX fits me best stock and the power *is* controllable, it just takes more effort to ride well for me at this early stage of returning to the sport. With the KX they are a dime a dozen. I could always easily purchase another one in the future as my stamina improves.

As I work to try and narrow down my choice between the Yamaha and Husky I am interested to hear from taller riders (I am 6'3 - 6'4) on how they have adapted to the ergo's of the Austrian bikes. Neither bike has lowered pegs or taller seat yet. I am hesitant to spend the money to perform these changes on both bikes due to cost.

My question is, is it safe to assume that with lowered pegs, taller seat and potential bar risers that both bikes could be made to fit as comfortably or does one tend to offer more comfort? I assume these changes for ergo's on the Husqvarna would carry over to a KTM or GasGas as well? If I can get the FC 350 to fit comfortably, I am seriously considering purchasing a newer KTM or even GasGas 350 because of their versatility.



6/13/2022 5:47 PM

Yes. I go with Fastway pegs in low position. Don’t like taller seats anymore since they hamper cornering. 6’1”


6/13/2022 6:24 PM

Keep in mind any husky 2021 or newer will have 10mm lower suspension.

The ktm ergos feel more open to me then the Yamaha. I would start with pegs if you want to open it up more though.


6/13/2022 6:37 PM

Raptor 5mm back, 5mm lower pegs, bars in the forward postion imo is all you need on austrian.

The 10mm lower husky won't affect you, the seat to peg on all bikes is important

Ktm, husky make a 20mm taller seat, the bikes still corner well with it.


6/14/2022 6:00 AM

Did KTM ergos change from 2018 to 2019? I know the frame and plastics changed.


6/14/2022 6:48 AM

Bruce372 wrote:

Raptor 5mm back, 5mm lower pegs, bars in the forward postion imo is all you need on austrian.

The 10mm lower husky won't ...more

On the lower Huskies, yes seat-to-peg is same, but 10mm lower suspension AND lower pegs seems like a surefire recipe for rut-draggin' and toe-snaggin' to me.


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6/14/2022 7:16 AM

Have 2 Husky’s and a KTM. After a bunch of experimenting I’ve settled on everything stock except for Renthal RC High bars. I go back and forth with the tall seat foam depending on how my knees feel. I’m 6’4”.


6/14/2022 1:09 PM

I'm 6'1'' but have long legs coupled with f'd knees. I run the bars as far forward as possible, have dropped pegs and a tall seat. On bad days, it feels like I could use even a little more of a gap. The offroad guys deal with basically the same ergos, and one guy who battles the problems of height and knee comfort is Tom Webb at Dirt Bike Mag. He often makes mention of additions made to his KTM for those reasons and, in addition to the basics, has included risers on the bars and stuffed an extra 10mm of foam into an already tall seat.


6/14/2022 1:13 PM

6’1 with longer legs here on a 16 125SX. I run the Fastway pegs in the lowered position with the stock Husky pro taper bend. I ran the Carmichael bars for a while too and they were fine with me, but I’m usually all over the back of the bike. Seems like most are happy with the Suzuki race team pro taper or the stock husky bend, but pound for pound the lowered foot pegs are the cats ass.


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6/19/2022 2:23 PM

Thanks guys.