"Husky owns the bike..."

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11/28/2017 10:24 AM

...Ping on the "125'ish" LOL, bike he's building for the 125 outdoor races next summer.

Why couldn't a guy like Stankdog get some action like this for the nationals? Float a 144/150 and a parts allowance. Maybe he got a little help or some parts, who knows?

I'm sure Pings bike will craploads of goodies as a "Project Bike" ?


11/28/2017 12:08 PM

Because he parties in Temecula, bro


11/28/2017 12:30 PM

I imagine it has to do with some sort of "sales pitch" ping probably approached his contact at husky with some sort of thought out plan and deal. Each race ping does on this bike could become an article in racerx, a video or write up online, he could even do bike build or maintence videos on the bike. And maybe husky can put it under the media bikes budget and bike allowance.

Stank dog most likely doesn't have a sales plan, his plan is to race. He certainly doesn't have a media outlet at his disposal like ping does. Everything stankdog related is dependent on outside sources. He depended on vurb to make the videos and post them, it's up to other sites to take pictures of him at the race and again it's up to them if they do a short write up on him. Stank doesn't exactly fit the mold of company representative.

So plan, resources, and personality

I like stank dog I hope he keeps coming to the outdoors and I hope someone continues the videos. But I don't think we will see him on factory equipment unless his arena cross team chips in. He's got a pretty good deal going, he gets bikes from motosport Hillsboro, his bike is well supplied with goodies. All he really lacks is a travel, parts, and maintenece expenses.


11/28/2017 12:39 PM

Much easier to invest in someone with a business plan like Ping probably has. That way if the outcome isn't what was promised, you can say "well here you promised this with this.."


11/28/2017 1:30 PM

Stankdog is too hard on transmissions.


"Who cares about what other people think"

11/28/2017 1:39 PM

Myke wrote:

Stankdog is too hard on transmissions.

Instead this is all we know. Bad PR move to not at least keep his bikes running.