How old for 1st SX?

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12/12/2017 2:18 PM

Wife and I are debating whether or not to bring the boy to his 1st SX this year in ATL. He will be about 13 months old when ATL rolls around. Mostly worried about opening ceremonies, but we do have some ear muffs for him.

Whats the youngest yall have brought to an SX race?


12/12/2017 2:23 PM

well...I took my daughter to red bud at around 6 months I think....she just sleep through it mostly...and it is loud


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12/12/2017 7:01 PM

Are you ready to go through all the money and hassle to get to the show only to leave about an hour in if he is having a bad time?


12/12/2017 7:07 PM

Took my grandson to St. Louis when he was 3

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12/12/2017 8:10 PM

Took my older boy to his first SX when he was 5 and it really didn't hold his attention all that well after awhile. The noise didn't bother him at all though.

Took my younger boy to his first AX when he was 3 and the first half the show he used the ear muffs, but was super into it and loved every minute of it.

The AX was quite a bit louder because the smaller venue, but because everything was right in front of him and the show moves very fast so it was a better choice for sure.


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12/12/2017 8:28 PM

My son turns 2 the day of the Seattle SX. My wife and I were wondering if he would like it. He loved spending time at the track and watching all of the bikes go by this summer. Basically, I'm in the same boat as you.


12/12/2017 8:29 PM

Seems to young for you guys to enjoy it!


12/12/2017 8:57 PM

Took my daughter at 3, she cried because Tomac didn’t say hi to her during opening ceremonies. (We were in the nose bleeds at A1 and he was on the track). But she loved every second of it and watched the whole time


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