How good would Pastrana have been without the phantom endow at Unadilla?

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1/23/2019 7:26 AM

Easily one of the most well liked riders till this day but his collapse after this race is one of the most frustrating things I have witnessed as a Motocross fan. A lap away from putting a stranglehold on the championship for the second straight year. He would flash the next year on a 250 but this proved to be the death nail in his motocross career.

My question is, Would he have stuck with motocross or was the freestyle/Nitro Circus an inevitable thing?


1/23/2019 7:42 AM

That one was the beginning of the end for sure, but the biggest one I’d think was the knee at Castillo ranch. By all accounts before the 03 season, and that jump he was in shape and ready to win.


1/23/2019 7:45 AM

He KO'd himself at washougal right after that so who knows


1/23/2019 6:06 PM

It seems like Travis does whatever Travis wants to do. The life he's leading seems to be exactly who he is. He accomplishes things most people wouldn't even think of.


1/23/2019 6:24 PM

He wanted to do moto. He was so good before it all ended.


1/23/2019 6:30 PM

If it wasn't that it would of been something else.


1/23/2019 6:43 PM

I think about this every time I see him on TV. It's a shame for the sport that he couldn't stay focused. Sure felt like he had the tools to be the best ever. Of course, he did what made him happy and earned a mint doing it.


1/23/2019 6:56 PM

The letter he wrote to his pre 2002 knee injury self was pretty good. Very telling, if anyone know what I’m talking about post it up.


1/23/2019 7:00 PM


1/23/2019 7:35 PM

if he was to keep racing and not have that injury.. he would be a 2x supercross champ and a threat in the outdoors.


1/24/2019 11:04 AM

I read the letter to himself and he even references "the person you were destined to be." (Referring to the Nitro Circus, rally cars, NASCAR, etc.)
I don't think he would ever have been as successful as he wanted in Supercross and MX, for the same reason that Kevin Windham wasn't: RC. Travis would have overtrained himself, crashed a lot, been injured more, won some races going away, and lost some being carted away, trying to keep up with Carmichael. In the end he would have taken a lot of K-Dub's 2nd place overalls and maybe even beaten Ricky a bunch of times, but the championships would probably still have eluded him.

He was never destined to be one of the all-time greats in Motocross (his outdoor title notwithstanding.) He's better off doing what he does now.


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