Hot Rods Crankshaft Catastrophic Failure (KTM 150 SX 2013)

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10/10/2017 7:33 AM

Motofinne wrote:

We have free health care but the bike insurance is good for people with own small businesses that just "can't" be away from ...more

being forced into purchasing something is never fun.

That would suck so bad if you had to wait 4-5 weeks for medical treatment. I guess that is what comes with free healthcare. Stories like yours make me wonder why so many people in America want free coverage. I think they see the free side of it, but not the side effects that come with it.


10/10/2017 10:05 AM

This is getting completely sidetracked from the Hot Rods issue but let me explain the insurance saga a bit; this is not just mx it is all motorsports in Finland. With mx it is especially bad because of the small number of bikes vs lots of injuries.

It all comes from the EU style vehicle insurance which is per vehicle and mandatory. The idea is naturally that if there is an accident the vehicles will always have insurance which pays for the injuries of people involved. However different EU countries have different interpretations which vehicles and where must have this mandatory insurance. In Finland any motor vehicle that goes faster than 15kmh (about 10mph) must have it more or less everywhere (trails, racetracks, farms, etc). Some countries interpret that you only need it if you use the vehicle on public roads.

This leaner interpretation came then under fire a while ago with the so called Vnuk case where a guy working at a farm in one EU country was hit by a tractor and took it to court because he thought the tractor should have vehicle insurance and cover his injuries. EU courts ruled in his favor, meaning basically that the Finnish style would be enforced in all EU countries. The good part is that now motorsports federations are working with EU legislators to have clarity how motorsports would be excluded from this. Hopefully once they sort that out at EU level we will get same interpretation here in Finland too.


10/11/2017 12:35 AM

One of the biggest problem of the insurance policy in Finland is that insurance is tied to bike's frame number. If you have several bikes you have to have separate insurance for each one. Also if you want to change bike's frame you need to get new insurance because the frame number changes...