Horsetooth motocross track Fort Collins, Co

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8/29/2017 7:03 PM

I just got up here for school and decided to check it out today. It looks like it's been closed for a while and it's all chained off. My dad told me that the city ran it when he went to school here 30 years ago. Does anybody know anything about it like when and why it closed or anything else? What are the chances of being able to ride there again? It'd be cool if it were still open because it's so close to where I live now.


8/29/2017 7:25 PM

I lived in Fort Collins from 93-97 and all I remember were mountain bike and hiking trails around Horsetooth. There was an active motocross track at Berthoud just south on I25 that was really fun to practice on.


8/29/2017 7:43 PM

Jack_Mehoff wrote:

I just got up here for school and decided to check it out today. It looks like it's been closed for a while and it's all ...more

If it ever did exist, it hasn't been open for a long time. But don't worry you are 20 minutes from both Johnstown, and Berthoud.

Johnstown may also be called Milliken or The Farm and is open on Wed at 4 and Sunday at 12. Really good track prep here and it is really fun because of this. The jumps aren't large, but with the deep and technical ruts it becomes a bit more difficult.

Bethoud is at the next exit south and is not that great in my opinion. The dirt isn't that great but they do make a good effort to prep on Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun. Way bigger jumps and faster than Johnstown, but it isn't technical and the dirt can be less than ideal. If they aren't prepping, dont waste your money.

Erie is also a pretty good track and is about 15 minutes farther south. You then have Lakewood, about 90 minutes and whatever they call Watkins now, East of Denver airport.

You also have tracks in Brush, Cheyenne and Laramie, but not sure on prep. Laramie def doesn't have any prepped days any more though.


8/29/2017 8:12 PM


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8/29/2017 8:41 PM

I lived in Ft.Collins when it was open for riding. It was owned and ran by the county and was never prepped nor watered. The track was fun but was a ghost town most of the time. I only saw a few riders there at most when I went there, most times I was the only one there. It was hard, slick and dry. It closed I think around 95-96. All the core mx riders always rode at Berthoud or back then known as Valley Dirt Riders, it's still there and has been recently redone like a year ago. Another local track near Ft. Collins is a track called Two Rivers Racing, its a little east of the town Milliken. Good track ran and prepped well by a couple brothers who ride.


8/29/2017 10:37 PM

Thanks for the responses guys. I lived in Golden my entire life until I came here last week so I'm familiar with the Denver area tracks. My first race was actually at IMI when I was 10 years old. I was actually able to find the remains of the track today on my way back from riding my mtb and it's still there but the entrance is blocked off with a no trespassing sign. I was curious why they would take overt action to close something that required no maintenance and caused no harm. I also think it's cool to learn about the history of places like that. But I guess my main point was if they just closed it for lack of use there could be a chance they could let us ride there again. It would be nice to have something close because it takes me an hour to get to Milliken on Wednsdays by the time I get loaded up and stuff. I guess I'm spoiled from having a national track 10 minutes away for the past 15 years.