Honda contingency and XTRM

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9/23/2014 9:17 AM

Has anyone be successful in setting up their honda contingency through the xtrm website? I've been trying for over a week and am still having problems validating my vin number through the site. Multiple emails and phone calls to XTRM have never been returned.

Just wondering if people have been successful or if other people have had the same issues as me and how they were resolved.


9/23/2014 9:36 AM

yeah i had the same issue last year. It's not XTRM it's the dealer you bought your bike from. They have to file with Honda that you're the owner. Once that's done your bike will validate on XTRM.


9/23/2014 9:45 AM

I already called Honda directly and my dealer and both of them have me as the owner and the info matches up with what I am trying to enter on XTRM site.


9/23/2014 9:52 AM

well scratch that idea.